What Makes a Successful Owner Driver?

What Makes a Successful Owner Driver?

Owner drivers are the lifeblood of the express courier industry, they are highly valued members of the Swift Transport Services team and as such we like to ensure that they are successful in their chosen profession.
So what makes a successful driver? There are several factors that will determine your earning potential and job satisfaction. Since starting at Swift in 2004, I have watched many a driver enjoy a long and prosperous career with us and there are some factors that I believe are the key.

Choose a vehicle that is in demand
If you are yet to buy your vehicle speak to transport companies about which vehicles are in demand. Currently we are seeing a huge demand for transit vans, 1 tonne vans and 1 tonne trays. With covid causing a huge strain on supply of new vehicles and increased online retail putting incredible pressure to supply residential deliveries throughout Melbourne these “courier” vehicles are incredibly busy and we do not expect that demand to ease up this year. At Swift Transport Services, we always have a huge demand year round for large trays and tautliners.

Ensure you are available
By choosing to be a Subcontract Owner Driver you are working for your transport company and yourself. The best way to have a great earning potential is to be available within the hours that your Fleet Controllers require you. For Swift we recommend being available to work between 6am and 6pm Monday to Friday. If you get picky with your hours your earning potential is limited.

Customer Service
Be a fantastic representative for your employer, but also for yourself! We get so many requests for particular drivers who have been helpful, courteous, kind and going above and beyond.  Remember that when you are delivering you are the face of Swift Transport Services but also for our clients, its incredibly important.

The Right Equipment and Understanding Your Costs
During your induction you will provided with information about what PPE, load restraint equipment and guidelines to follow. Make sure you check with your driver trainer before starting the job if you have any questions or need any clarification on information in your Driver Handbook.
Being an Owner Driver comes with responsibilities of managing your tax and superannuation. Its important to understand your costs so that you can manage your finances. The Transport Workers Union provides in depth information about working out your running costs.

Some quick tips:

  • Know your delivery routes, calculate the quickest trip
  • Avoid traffic
  • Drive carefully and avoid distractions
  • Be organized and work with your fleet controller to work out the most efficient runs.

What Swift Transport Services Offer Our Owner Drivers

  • A highly experienced operations team who work hard to make sure you are well trained, busy and high earning
  • Minimum Guarantees on all full time vehicles
  • Weekly pay
  • Full training and inductions provided
  • Busy year round
  • Start from home in any areas

If you would like more information please call or email drivers@swifttransport.com.au . We would love to hear from you.