5 Tips For Faster Deliveries

5 Tips For Faster Deliveries

In what has been an incredibly challenging couple of years in Victoria for businesses we are now seeing some returning to normality, well, a new ‘normal’ in 2022. I’ve spoken to so many clients recently about the challenges they are facing, and one overarching issue seems to be a lack of staff. Whether it be our construction and steel clients, manufacturing, retail, hospitality or even IT its just a difficult time to recruit.

As most people are aware, the Melbourne transport industry is experiencing the same issues with employing owner drivers and truck drivers, in fact there is a national shortage of drivers and its been going on for a few years now but Covid has further compounded this issue (quite dramatically unfortunately) by drivers being off the road isolating, less drivers getting into the industry (less people looking for face to face work), a lack of new vehicle availability for drivers to purchase new trucks and also online retailers like Amazon, Uber and Australia Post taking a huge number of drivers and vans out of the express courier and taxi truck industry to cover the increased demand for online retail deliveries. This in turn as you can imagine has meant that there are delays on deliveries as companies struggle to meet demand.

Its not all doom and gloom as we do expect availability to improve as availability for new trucks, vans and trays increases and also when we have more people coming into the country to work. Whilst there are delays throughout the industry, here are 5 simple tips to help get your deliveries out faster:

  1. Book the day before. Do you have this option? Our despatchers start looking at next day bookings at around 3pm-6pm, if you can book the day before we can get your booking in earlier and out earlier the following morning
  2. Ensure you are booking the correct service and if you are unsure please check with our friendly team. Make sure you provide full dimensions and weights so that the right truck is sent to pick up your goods.
  3. Provide as much information as possible on the booking! Any order numbers, full addresses and contact details will ensure an efficient drop off
  4. Is your booking extremely time sensitive? Booking an express or emergency direct delivery could be better suited for your urgent delivery.
  5. Talk to our team! Our customer service team are here to help you and provide the best possible options for you. Don’t hesitate to be in touch if you are usure of which service suits the urgency of your job.

A brief note about Swift Transport Services are doing in 2022. We are recruiting, recruiting and recruiting, we are offering drivers greater incentives and more in depth training for new to the industry drivers. We have also purchased more company owned vehicles to help with the shortfall.  We want nothing more than to be able to provide you with an excellent express service for all of your urgent deliveries.