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When shifting heavy items, industrial solutions may be essential, as they allow you to load and unload these items safely and efficiently. The boom crane is mounted onto the truck, and it can be used with either grabs, hooks or slings depending on the type of load you are lifting. We offer both large and small truck hire across Melbourne, ensuring we have a vehicle that is suited to your needs. Additionally, we have a range of crane truck hire services available across Melbourne, designed to suit your needs and budget.

Hire a truck for your next project

Whether you’re moving pallets of bricks or heavy metal beams, Swift Transport Services can assist. As part of our taxi truck fleet, we have crane trucks and semi-trailers available for hire that are suitable for a wide range of applications. Our experienced drivers are well versed when it comes to operating these larger trucks, ensuring work is carried out as efficiently as possible. When it comes to lifting heavy loads – and operating cranes – safety is also a very important consideration. Our drivers place safety first, making sure both your load, and those in the vicinity during loading and unloading, are completely safe at all times.

We place an emphasis on affordability

If you’re looking for a semi trailer or cheap crane truck rental service in Melbourne, you have come to the right place. At Swift Transport Services, our taxi and crane truck hire rates are very affordable – yet all vehicles are impeccably maintained and our customer service is exceptional. Our drivers will always arrive on time and ensure your load is delivered promptly, as we understand that when you’re in business, time is of the essence. While our solutions may be cheap, there’s certainly no compromise when it comes to quality.

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We’ve eliminated the unnecessary process of having to pick up the phone and be placed on hold by allowing our clients to book online. Our easy-to-use form lets you fill in the details of your request and confirm the job you require professional assistance with. Alternatively, we’re always more than happy to answer question via email on .

Whether you are looking for large or small truck hire in Melbourne, we’re well equipped to help. Call today for more information on (03) 8768 7175.

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